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GSGA Newsletter 12.06.2022

GSGA Newsletter

December 6, 2022

Hello SPH students,

Welcome to the “final” countdown for exams, projects, and the end of the semester!

Some great events are coming up soon that may help to inspire you in your academic journey, or perhaps will help take your mind off things as you enjoy the process of learning something interesting.

Take good care of yourself and remember that it’s OK to take a break. 


Your 2022-2023 GSGA

Origami and Sip Event

Thanks to all who came out for our Origami & Sip event last Wednesday! We had a wonderful time creating origami crafts together, learning delicious drink recipes for the holiday season, sharing cool bits of history, and connecting with you all. 

In the spirit of such a joyous event, we warmly wish you all “1000 cranes for finals.” May you all find inspiration, hope and the best of luck during these long nights!

If you’d like to learn more about the history of origami, see tutorials for the crafts that we did, and check out the scrumptious drink recipes, you can do so on our website

We look forward to bringing you more great student events for the Spring 2023 semester. Please be sure to continue checking your emails for updates from the GSGA.

SPH Events

The State of Mental Health in Harlem: A Review of Harlem Strong’s Needs Assessment Findings

December 7 |  1:30 PM – 3 PM  |  RSVP

The Harlem Strong Initiative is a novel partnership between CUNY SPH, local community organizations, and Healthfirst, who have joined together to conduct a community needs assessment to understand the challenges Harlem residents are facing due to COVID-19.

Harlem Strong will review this community needs assessment and reveal insights about how the pandemic has impacted the mental health and stress levels of Harlemites, and how community and faith-based organizations have addressed these issues. 

Universal Human Rights Day Event

December 7 |  5 PM – 6 PM  |  RSVP

This webinar is part of a virtual commemoration of the Universal Human Rights Day. We observe this in honor of the adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights by the United Nation on December 10th, 1948.

Speakers from Planned Parenthood and Harlem Pride will discuss how we can advocate for ourselves, seek support and solidarity, and manage stress related to policies that target our identities, communities, and rights. Students will be empowered to learn more about being agents of intersectional change, fighting for civil liberties, and working towards more just and equitable political policies. 

Following the panel discussion will be a Q&A session, along with a guide to finding stress management strategies facilitated by Sherry Adams, our Director of Counseling and Wellness Services

CUNY Urban Food Policy Forum: Combining Scholarship and Activism: An Intergenerational Exchange

December 15 |  11 AM – 12:30 PM  |  RSVP

The final CUNY Urban Food Policy Forum of the semester features authors and scholars Marion Nestle and Robert Gottlieb in an intergenerational dialogue with CUNY students about how we can combine food policy scholarship and activism. 

Join us for this invigorating discussion as we draw upon the works and experience of these authors, consider timely issues surrounding food policy, activism, and related topics, and share views and questions that we may have about how to continue advancing food justice.

Spotlight On: Intervene Upstream

Why Public Health?

Intervene Upstream is an online peer-reviewed public health publication run by and geared towards graduate students in public health. They share work written by students on a rolling basis, ranging from journalism, opinion pieces, and scientific articles, to personal narrative essays and literary fiction. 

They are currently looking for answers to the question “Why Public Health?” You can share your story about why you are pursuing a degree in public health using this short survey, and if you’d like to expand upon this, they are also currently accepting longer submissions on their website.

NYS Open Meetings Law

Pursuant to the New York State Open Meetings Law, SPH students and members of the public have the right to attend meetings of the Graduate Student Government Association. We will be holding a meeting on December 20th.

Should you like to attend this meeting and observe, you may do so. Our meetings are currently being held virtually, so if you would like to sit in on one of these meetings send an email to gsga@sphmail.cuny.edu 

A full list of SPH events can be accessed here.

Keep an eye out for updates as more events are added – you can also view up and coming events and public health news on our Twitter and Instagram pages, and join our private student group on Facebook.


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