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Active Student Clubs

Sustainable SPH Club

Mission: A student outlet for sharing information and concerns regarding the impact of the health of the environment on human health. It is also the student arm of the sustainability committee at CUNY SPH, which endeavors to help CUNY SPH meet or exceed the sustainability goals of Sustainable CUNY. Goals of this club include: implementing and sustaining a composting system at CUNY SPH, campaigning for more energy efficient practices, a B.Y.O.Cutlery initiative, etc. This also includes information sessions with faculty, documentary screenings, and networking events.

President: Fiona Conway

Email: Fiona.Conway14@sphmail.cuny.edu


Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights and Justice Club

“Repro Club”

Mission: To act as public health advocates to further sexual and reproductive health rights and justice in CUNY SPH and beyond our walls through conversations, events and organizing.

President: Polly Smith Faust

Email: Polly.SmithFaust42@sphmail.cuny.edu

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