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GSGA Newsletter 06.10.2022

GSGA Newsletter

June 10, 2022

Hello SPH students,

Happy Friday and welcome to the last issue of the GSGA newsletter for the 2021-2022 academic year!

We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the CUNY SPH Class of 2022. We are proud of all of you for reaching this milestone and completing your graduate degree! This is a great accomplishment based on years of hard work and dedication! Special congratulations to the graduates among GSGA 2021-2022 Officers: Natalia Surujnath (Masters Senator), Sherline Altidor (Masters Senator), Anthony Maltese (Past President), and Kevin Chin (Past Treasurer). We wish all graduates the best and we look forward to hearing about your future endeavors. We also hope you will join the Alumni Network!

We would also like to share the results from the recent election of student representatives to the GSGA, the Governance Council (GC) and Committees. Vacant positions on the GSGA will be filled in accordance with the GSGA Constitution/By-Laws available here. Vacant positions on the GC will be filled in accordance with the GC Governance Plan/By-Laws available here.

Graduate Student Government Association
President – Doris Chiu
Vice-President – Zaire Ali
Treasurer – TBD
Masters Senators – Greg Klimaytis, TBD (3)
Doctoral Senators – Amena El-Harakeh, Shari Jardine
Advanced Certificate Senator -TBD
USS Delegate/Alternate – TBD (2)

Governance Council
Ex Officio – Doris Chiu
CHSS Rep. – Amanda Pierz
EOGHS Rep. – Greg Klimaytis
EPI/BIO Rep. – Christina Samurkas
Master’s Program Rep. – Ariani Alemzadeh
Doctoral Progam Rep. – Amena El-Harakeh
Alternates – TBD (2)

Committee for Equity & Inclusion
Ariani Alemzadeh
Adriana Padilla

Faculty Student Disciplinary Committee
Zaire Ali
Greg Klimaytis

Congratulations to all who were elected and thanks to all the candidates for your willingness to serve our school community!

GSGA 2021-2022

Upcoming SPH Events

For a complete listing of all SPH events for the semester, please visit the CUNY SPH Events page.

Virtual Lavender Graduation

Wednesday, June 22  |  6:00pm to 7:00pm  | RSVP

Join us on June 22nd 2022, at 6 pm for the Virtual Lavender Graduation for the Class of 2022 in which we honor the lives and achievements of CUNY School of Public Health’s LGBTQ+ graduates of the Class of 2022 and faculty. The graduation is hosted by the GSGA, the CUNY SPH LGBTQ+ Student Association, and the Office of Student Affairs. Student, faculty, staff, and alumni allies of the LGBTQ+ community are welcome to attend.

Other Upcoming Events

Film Screening: Suppressed and Sabotaged: The Fight to Vote

Friday, June 17  |  6:00pm to 7:00pm  | RSVP

The Graduate Student Government Association and the Office of Student Affairs is hosting this special film screening as the New York State primary season gets underway. Suppressed and Sabotaged: The Fight to Vote shines light on the dark corners of our country’s voting processes; including the increase of vote-restricting laws passing through legislation prior to, during, and after the 2020 election cycle.

All attendees will receive a Panera Bread gift card.  Be sure to register using your SPH or CUNY email. 

And, if you are eligible and registered in NYS, don’t forget to vote!! (see details immediately below).

The June 28 primary election will be for Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Attorney General, Comptroller, State Assembly and Judicial Seats. CUNY Votes is a comprehensive, non-partisan initiative whose mission is to promote student voter registration, voter participation and voter awareness through campus based activities, external partnerships and University-wide campaigns. More details can be accessed here 

  • Early Voting: June 18-26, 2022
  • Primary Election: June 28, 2022

GSGA Past Events

Stressed? Give Mindfulness Meditation a Try

On May 3rd 2022, the GSGA held an introduction to mindfulness meditation session led by Kell Julliard, who is a mindfulness meditation instructor certified by the International Mindfulness Teachers Association. In case you missed the session, you can check the recording here.

Student Resources

Student SNAP Pandemic-Eligibility Extended

Summer can be a difficult time for many students with less access to campus resources and free meals through campus events. The SNAP Pandemic Expansion was extended for 90 days and all CUNY students are encouraged to apply before July 15th. Any CUNY student can text FOOD to (855) 230-6746 or fill out a quick form at swipehunger.org/cunysnn, and a student Navigator will be in touch shortly.

Career Services and Events

To view the SPH Career Services live calendar, click here. To schedule a 1:1 Career Coaching appointment with the Office of Career Services, book an appointment online now!

Job Opportunity Spotlight

  1. Looking for a part time role at CUNY SPH? The Nutrition and Dietetic Internship & Office of Experiential Learning departments are looking to fill a 20 hour a week role as the Experiential, Non-Credit, and Distance Learning Program Assistant!
  2. CUNY Career Launch is seeking intern supervisors who will work 30 hours per week to oversee 10 undergraduate interns in the execution of their core work and build professional skills. Supervisors will start in late June and work until August 19. Supervisors will be employees of the Research Foundation of CUNY.

To read more and apply to these roles, see the listings in the Job Postings.

Student Wellness Support Services and Events


CUNY has partnered with a company that provides virtual peer-to-peer mental health and wellbeing support – Togetherall.

Togetherall’s online community is clinically moderated by mental health professionals and offers students a safe and anonymous place to express their thoughts, concerns and triumphs. Resources are free for students to use and are available 24/7/365.  Students are able to draw strength and insights from peers that have real lived experiences, as well as access a range of self-directed, clinically validated tools to promote positive mental health and wellbeing. Togetherall integrates with CUNY SPH’s existing campus counseling services and after-hours resources. Watch this short explainer video to learn more. For more information, visit www.togetherall.com

If you have any questions or comments, please reach out to Student Wellness Counselor Sherry Adams: sherry.adams@sph.cuny.edu


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