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Newsletter 10.07.2020


October 7, 2020

Hello SPH Students!

We want to remind you that tonight is our virtual study group at 6PM. Since we are unable to meet on campus, this is a way for you to meet and communicate with students who are also in your field. RSVP at GSGA@sphmail.cuny.edu today! This Friday at 6:30pm we will be screening the documentary All In: The Fight For Democracy. RSVP today to hold your spot!!

Lastly, GSGA has partnered with NYC Votes + CUNY Votes to raise awareness about voting and local government in NYC! There’s an incredibly important presidential election coming up on November 3rd. In order to participate in that election– you’ll need to register to vote! There’s only 4 days left to register for one of the most important elections of our lifetimes. The deadline to register is October 9th! NYC Votes has partnered with Turbo Vote to make registering to vote a breeze. Visit www.nycvotes.turbovote.org to get registered today! If you have a NY State ID, you’ll be able to register online. If you don’t have a NY State ID, Turbo Vote will send you a pre-filled form. All you have to do is sign it and mail it back with the postage paid envelope it comes with.

If you think you’re already registered to vote please visit www.voting.nyc to check your registration. If you’ve recently moved, you’ll need to update your form with your new address. Once you’ve registered, we challenge you to help five of your friends get registered. 

Here are some important Election Deadlines to keep in mind:

Voter Registration Deadline – October 9th

Deadline to Request Absentee Ballot – October 27th

Deadline to Postmark Absentee Ballot – November 3rd

Early Voting Period – October 24th – November 1st

Election Day – November 3rd

You can visit NYC Votes’ How to Vote page for more information about how to cast your ballot for the General Election. New Yorkers have more options now than ever before to vote, so it’s important to learn which option is best for you. You can take the CUNY Pledge to Vote to stay up to date on all the important Election Info you need! Visit this link or text CUNYvotes to 917-979-6377 to pledge your vote.

Thank you,

GSGA 2020-2021

Wednesday Student Group at 6PM


RSVP today to hold your spot!!

Check out the trailer!


Thursday October 8

National Depression Screening Day 

Screening is an important tool in preventing and mitigating the effects of illness. Depression is one of the most common mental illnesses.  If you think you may be showing signs of depression please take Mental Health America’s free, confidential, screening by clicking on the title link above.  On this day Student Wellness Counselor Sherry Adams will be available to provide follow-up support. Please email her at  sherry.adams@sph.cuny.edu on National Depression Screening Day (October 8th) to request a same day appointment.

October 12th  – 16th  – Domestic Violence Awareness Month Week of Action:  A special event will be held to raise awareness, offer resources and support for survivors of intimate partner violence (IPV) and their loved ones especially during the physical distancing and social isolation of COVID-19.  We will also host a free training on Street Harassment and ways to take action against it.

  • “You Are Not Alone: Intimate Partner Violence and the Virtual Campus”

A panel of experts that includes HPAM Professor Stacey Plichta, Public Safety Sergeant Desiree Joyner and Title IX Coordinator, Sahana Gupta will discuss best practices for members of the SPH community to protect and support those who are impacted by domestic violence amidst the challenges of  COVID-19.

Register in advance for this panel presentation here!

  • “Stand Up Against Street Harassment “provided by Hollaback!

In this 1-hour training, SPH students, faculty and staff will learn actions they can take to care for each other and themselves if they witness or experience street harassment.

Register in advance for this webinar here!



For more information about the breakdown for this event click here! 

Visit www.nycvotes.turbovote.org to get registered today!


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