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  1. Anynomous

    1. Practicum trainings should be required to do the two semester BEFORE (i.e. for Summer 2018 require training in Fall 2017). Additionally, someone from the CUNY IRB should be present to explain how IRB applications and certification work. The whole process of learning about the practicum, finding a site, and developing a project takes an extensive amount of time, that the current timeline does not allow.

    2. More connections with alumni and networking events geared toward different professional sectors of public health. This will allow us to learn from our peers and professionals what you can do with a public health degree, and what jobs and opportunities are available after graduation and develop connections.

    3. Longer hours of study spaces, especially during finals.

  2. Anonymous

    I REALLY believe we should be required to attend practicum orientation two semesters prior to the term that we actually plan on taking the class. It is extremely difficult to find a site, fill out the necessary paperwork, and submit all the deliverables within one month. If you don’t have a connection or site in mind, this becomes nearly impossible and sometimes students are forced to “settle” on a site or project due to deadlines.

  3. Anonymous

    I think that all required courses should be offered every semester. It is very inconvenient for students to have their timeline for completion pushed out by a year because a required course is only offered in the fall.

  4. Elma

    I’d like to see more networking opportunities and event for students. Email notifications of job opportunities are great, but not enough. There needs to be more events related to public health careers that help students establish connections in the city we would be working in and serving, and help students transition from academia to the workforce.

  5. Edwina

    This suggestion board will facilitate communication between students and SGA members. Students have encountered many sets back such as lack of a library and study rooms that are conducive to learning. This platform can be used as a vehicle of change to address some of the issues that we know the school have not yet made available.

  6. Edwina

    I believe that this suggestion board will reinforce communication between students and the SGA members. There are many issues to be addressed by CUNY and this platform can be used as a vehicle for change that student like myself would like to see address by the school.

  7. Xiaoyi Zeng

    I’m glad to be informed of such a comment board that we can make suggestions for GSGA. I hope GSGA can create a platform or forum to engage more students in making suggestions to SPH. I’ve encountered many challenges academically (for example practicum) and administratively (for example registration). But I didn’t get the support I need, or didn’t get timely support. I hope we have a platform to share our experience and suggestions, and through which the GSGA can help us voice up. Thank you.

  8. Thomas Loy

    I would like to recommend a community-building event that would be really fun. I have volunteered for four years. It may even be a fieldwork or practicum eventually. I have been volunteering with GallopNYC every Friday and Saturday. If public health students like to volunteer, we can introduce them to the world of therapeutic horsemanship. Below is a youtube done by the organization.


    This is out in Forest Hills. There are various restaurants such Turkish, Mediterranean, Irish Pubs, Eddie’s sweets(old fashioned ice cream parlour)

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