CUNY Board of Trustees Meeting

On December 16th the board of trustees will be voting on their budget request that will be submitted to the Governor. In the proposed request, we have seen the inclusion of yet another tuition hike at our senior colleges. However, this budget proposal also includes a  tuition hike at our community colleges where tuition has been frozen for 4 years, and an additional  health and wellness $60 per semester fee. Health education is important if not imperative to our college communities, and school safety. However, our state should be paying for health support services, and not our students.


On December 9th at Lehman College  the CUNY Board of Trustees had a hearing on a proposed budget that will go to the governor’s office.



Climate Strike

Photo courtesy of Zoe Schacht-Levine

Earlier in the Fall 2019 term, GSGA VP Zoe, attended the Climate Strike at Foley Square in Manhattan, NY. Zoe estimated that at least 60,000 people crowded the streets of Foley Square on September 20th. Students from all five boroughs and beyond came together to demand action be taken to address climate change.


Photo courtesy of Zoe Schacht-Levine


Youngest strikers were heard chanting ““What do we want? Climate justice! When do we want it? NOW!” on September 20th

Photo courtesy of Zoe Schacht-Levine

Photo courtesy of Zoe Schacht-Levine

Photo courtesy of Zoe Schacht-Levine

Photo courtesy of Zoe Schacht-Levine

Have you attended any recent strikes, events, or conferences? We would like to share this in future posts! Contact us and let us know about it!


Written by Kellie Joseph, Communications Officer (19-20)

GSGA Represents CUNY SPH At The USS Gala

USS held its annual event on September 19th at the CUNY Graduate Center where they celebrated 47 years of advocacy. GSGA’s Senator Carly, Treasurer Tamara, Vice President Zoe, and President Pavan were in attendance.

                         (From left to right: Vice President Zoe, President Pavan, Senator Carly, & Treasurer Tamara at the USS Gala)

While the word gala brings to mind extravagant dresses, hors d’oeuvres & trying to get the best selfie, the USS Gala was focused on bringing more support to CUNY students. The gala afforded GSGA the opportunity to connect with other CUNY student governments, share ideas for making campuses more inclusive & collaborative  and encouraging all CUNY students to be active on their respective campuses.

What are some pressing issues on the SPH campus? How can GSGA help you? Feel free to contact us and let us know!

Written by: Kellie Joseph, Communications Officer (19-20)

10 Great Things To Do This Weekend In Harlem (+ all over NYC)


          Image by Laura Peruchi

  1. Visit Cantina for delicious tacos & drinks!


           Image by Robert Bye

  1. Picnic, nap & relax in Marcus Garvey Park


                    Image by Minton’s Playhouse

  1. Go listen to some Jazz Music at Minton’s



Image by Felix Soage

  1. Buy tickets for a show at the Apollo Theatre



Image by Timeout

  1. Movie & Chill with a Rooftop Movie


Image by Stanford Flipside

  1. Test your skills at an escape room

   Image by Choosing Figs

  1. Need some me time? Take a relaxing walk across the Brooklyn Bridge

Image by NYTimes

  1. See a different view of NYC with a trip to The Highline

Image by TravelZoo

  1. Take a cooking class

         Image by AMNewYork

  1. Hop on the Staten Island Ferry & see the Statue of Liberty for free as you pass by!

Image by Curbed

 Bonus: After your ferry ride you can visit Empire Outlets and do some shopping!


Written by Kellie Joseph, Communications Officer

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