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NEW CANDIDATES (2021-2022)


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Ansu Abraham

Candidate for: Masters Senator (EPI/BIO),

Concentration: Epidemiology & Biostatistics

Hello everyone! My name is Ansu Abraham. I am an international student pursuing my MPH in Epidemiology and Biostatistics. I am originally from India and was a dentist there. I have held leadership roles in the research association in my previous university. That involvement truly enhanced my student experience and helped me engage with my classmates. This led me to look into the GSGA. As a Masters Senator candidate, I hope to represent my peers and their needs. A fun fact about me is that I learned to bake while quarantining with my parents. I also spend my weekends reading and traveling.

Alanna Cruz

Candidate for: Committee for Equity and Inclusion

Concentration: Health Policy & Management

I would like to nominate myself to serve on the Committee for Equity and Inclusion. This would be a continuation of my current role as a student representative on the CEI, which began in January 2021. I am dedicated to equity issues within CUNY SPH and outside of this institution. This past year, I was accepted to join a small cohort of health-career professionals to receive ongoing training related to advocacy and community organization as part of the Cambridge Health Alliance Center for Health Equity, Education, and Advocacy. Additionally, I currently work as a pediatric speech-language pathologist with underserved communities in NYC. In my current role in the CEI, I have proposed initiatives that will benefit the student body and I would like to continue to bring students’ concerns to the forefront of these important discussions so that all individuals are heard and represented at CUNY SPH. Thank you for your consideration!

Antonino Maltese

Candidate for: President, Vice President, Treasurer, Masters Senator, Governance Council Committee for Equity and Inclusion, and Faculty and Student Disciplinary Committee

Concentration: Health Policy & Management

I’m Antonino Maltese, a Health Policy & Management member, and I want to be your candidate for the Graduate Student Government Association! Over the past eight months, I’ve heard the student bodies’ grievances, and I believe I can make the necessary improvements due to my experience working with students & staff to create equitable opportunities. My platform is increased communication between students and faculty, more internship opportunities, and an improved college to career pipeline.

My only promise is that I will work hard for you!


Dima Masoud

Candidate for:  Doctoral Program Representative

Concentration: CHHP, PHD Student

Dedicated public health professional with solid experience supporting the needs of underserved individuals in different settings, including programs in the Philippines, Occupied Palestinian Territory, and the U.S. Proficient in quantitative and qualitative research methods, evaluation, statistical software knowledge, and program planning. Multilingual in English, Arabic (mother tongue), and basic French.


Sherline Altidor

Candidate for: Masters Senator (HPAM), Governance Council Departmental Student Representative HPAM, Governance Council Degree Program Student Representative MPH/MS Program, Governance Council Student Alternate, Governance Council Committee for Equity and Inclusion, and Faculty and Student Disciplinary Committee

Concentration: Health Policy & Management

 I, Sherline Altidor nominate myself for these positions as a result of my outstanding record with leadership. Previously, in my undergraduate university, I served on a department committee as well as starting my own organization at the university. I also served as the Vice President of the National Society of Collegiate Scholars for two years. Among the aforementioned is also my attentiveness, perseverance, and willingness to work as a team with my colleagues. I believe that these qualities alongside the ability to quickly adapt allow me to be one of the best candidates for these positions I have nominated myself for above. I hope that you will continue forward with my nomination and allow me to utilize my skills, experiences, and adaptability to better serve the CUNY School of Public Health and CUNY community.

Bradley Meacham

Candidate for: Vice President, Masters Senator (HPAM), Governance Council Departmental Student Representative HPAM

Concentration: Epidemiology & Biostatistics

I believe with my determination for incusivity and equity I can bring people together and help bring ideas to light that would be otherwise not be illuminated. I have much determination and I am a team player who enjoys hearing different perspectives and progressing ideas. I care about helping as many people as possible and improving the communication of students to GSGA to actionable results. I hope to give back to the university that will be giving me so much opportunity with my masters.

Julia Kolmakova

Candidate for: Masters Senator (EOGHS)

Concentration: EOGHS

My name is Julia Kolmakova and I am pursuing my M.S. in Environmental and Occupation Health Sciences. This is my first year at CUNY SPH and I am very excited to be here. I received my Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry at SUNY at Stony Brook. I became interested in Environmental and Occupational Health sciences after working for some time as a Chemist at the NYC Department of Environmental Protection. I hope to gain the necessary knowledge, certifications, and training to become an experienced hazardous materials Industrial Hygienist Specialist and perhaps even subsequently an Environmental Health and Safety Engineer. I wish to pursue a career that allows me to predict and prevent health risks from work/school tasks/activities and environmental processes that contribute to the development of non-communicable diseases. I enjoy spending time outdoors especially camping, hiking, snowboarding. My guilty pleasure is traveling to Catskills on weekends to enjoy the nature, peace, and quiet of country living and observing the millions of stars at night while the crickets unleash their nightly chorus.

 Natalia Surujnath

Candidate for: Masters Senator (HPAM), Governance Council Committee for Equity and Inclusion

Concentration: Health Policy & Management

My name is Natalia Surujnath, I am a first-year student majoring in Health Policy and Management. I am dedicated to making a difference for the student body. I plan on working with the GSGA team to upgrade the social media pages, create a discord that connects us all not only through our studies but our hobbies, and ensure that every voice is heard! I worked previously with my undergraduate student government. I understand the need for inclusion and allowing all students to have a voice. I will listen to any complaint the student body may have and continue to push towards a positive impact that is beneficial to everyone.

 Catalina Urichima

Candidate for: Vice President

Concentration: PHI, MS Student

I’m a bilingual and innovative professional with 12 years of experience in the healthcare industry. I excel in working in teams and have a strong background in project management. Currently, I’m in the second semester of the Master’s of Science, Population Health Informatics program. I’m a highly motivated individual who is interested in collaborating with fellow CUNY peers and being part of the SPH GSGA and Governance Council. In my spare time, I am an avid traveler, which has allowed me to develop my communication skills and cultural sensitivity. While traveling I enjoy learning about new cultures and immersing myself in the local cuisine. My motivation for joining GSGA is to offer student representation and bring new perspectives from the online Population Health Informatics program. By participating in the governance council I can assist in increasing student participation, increase the GSGA’s social media presence, and ensure that our peers can connect as well as develop a professional network. While in this leadership position I would not only gain additional skills but also have the opportunity to make long-lasting connections.

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