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Newsletter 05.13.2021

GSGA Newsletter

May 13, 2021

Hello SPH students!

We are almost done with the Spring semester! Can you believe it? Make sure you submit your last assignments on time. This is the last stretch for this semester!

In this newsletter, we would like to congratulate and share with you the 2021-2022 student leaders for the Graduate Student Government Association, the Governance Council (GC) and Committees. See below!

Graduate Student Government Association
President – Antonino Maltese
Vice-President – Catalina Uruchima
Treasurer – Kevin Chin
Masters Senators – Sherline Altidor, Julia Kolmakova, Bradley Meacham, Natalia Surujnath
Doctoral Senators – Claudia Calhoon, Shari Jardine
Advanced Certificate Senator -TBD

Governance Council
CHSS Rep. – Mariam Mohammed
EPI/BIO Rep. – Catalina Uruchima
HPAM Rep. – Bradley Meacham
Master’s Program Rep. – Sherline Altidor
Doctoral Progam Rep. – Dima Masoud
Alternates – Natalia Surujnath, TBD

Committee for Equity & Inclusion
Alanna Cruz
Natalia Surujnath

Faculty Student Disciplinary Committee
Antonino Maltese
Sherline Altidor


GSGA 2020-2021

Talkspace for International and Out-of-state Students

CUNY has partnered with Talkspace to offer online messaging therapy (at no cost) to international and out-of-state students. Users can send their chosen therapist text, voice or video messages, from any location, at any time. Talkspace communication is convenient, confidential, and secure. CUNY will never know who uses the service or for what purpose. You can get started by registering here and entering code: CUNY2021. Once you register, Talkspace will add your email address to the system within 30 days so you can access your Talkspace account. You can check your registration status at talkspace.com/CUNY​.

C.L.E.F Scholarship 

Deadline May 28, 2021 | Click here to apply!

The Caribbean Leadership Empowerment Foundation is organized exclusively for charitable, educational, and cultural purposes. Our aim is to provide financial assistance to college students throughout their academic journey. Preference will be given to applicants who may not otherwise be able to attend college for financial reasons. The values of the awards are $2,000 for International students from the Caribbean, $1,000, and $500 for U.S. Residents/Citizens of Caribbean descent.


GSGA Student Awards

Apply for reimbursement when you pay out of pocket to attend virtual public health conferences! There are also GSGA awards for community service, professional development, and manuscripts. You can’t miss out on this. For more details, click here to check it out!

Crisis Text Line


Wellness for Students 

Wellness & Counseling Services Hours of Operation:

Mon 10am – 6pm

Tues 11pm – 7pm

Wed 11pm – 7pm

Thurs 1pm – 9pm

Fri 10am – 6pm

To make an appointment email Student Wellness Counselor Sherry Adams at sherry.adams@sph.cuny.edu  

Students for Racial Justice Support Group

Weekly on Wednesdays  |  5:00pm – 6:00pm  | RSVP

We acknowledge the emotional and social challenges of doing antiracism work while adjusting to the Covid-19 pandemic that has disproportionately impacted BIPOC. We name white supremacist terrorism as a threat to public health. Self-care is crucial as we engage in activism on the ground and/or from our homes. With great respect, we offer an open, weekly, virtual support group for CUNY SPH students promoting racial justice. The goal is mutual empowerment through sharing experiences and resources in a supportive environment where stress can be managed. If you would like more information please email Student Wellness Counselor Sherry Adams at sherry.adams@sph.cuny.edu.

Career Services

To view the SPH Career Services live calendar click here!

Student Emergency Fund

If you are a current CUNY SPH student-facing short-term financial hardship, we encourage you to submit an application to the Student Emergency Fund.

To access the application, you will need to log into SharePoint using your SPH login (sph\______) credentials.  Reach out to the HelpDesk@sph.cuny.edu if you require assistance with SharePoint.

Click here to apply.  Please note that applicants will be asked to submit supporting documentation to demonstrate financial need.

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