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Call for Student Representative Nominations for the Faculty-Student Council and Committees (2019-2020)

The SPH and GSGA  are seeking nominations for student representatives to serve on the FSC Council (7 representatives) and Committees (4 representatives) for the 2019-2020 academic year. Online nominations will be accepted from Wednesday, October 9th through Thursday October 16th at 11:59 PM. Online voting will take place end of October 2019.

Student representation on the FSC Council and Committees is critical to ensuring student priorities and needs are being met, especially with regard to academic curriculum changes/additions. 

Specifically, we are seeking up to 4 nominations of matriculated students for each of the following positions (enter nomination information here):

  • FSC Departmental Representatives
    • CHSS Departmental Rep
    • EOHS Departmental Rep
    • EPI/BIO Departmental Rep
    • HPAM Departmental Rep
  • FSC Degree Program Representatives
    • MPH/MS Program Rep
    • DPH/PhD Program Rep
  • FSC Committee Representatives
    • MPH/MS Program Curriculum Committee Rep
    • MPH/MS Assessment Committee Rep
    • DPH/PhD Program Curriculum Committee Rep
    • DPH/PhD Assessment Committee Rep

We are also seeking nominations for:

  • FSDC Committee Student Representatives (6)
  • FSDC Sub-Committee for Sexual Misconduct Student Representatives (2)
    • *Reps are chosen from among the 6 Reps from FSDC Committee Student Representatives

Brief description of the responsibilities of Committee members:

  • Committee members are expected to actively participate in each committee meeting and carry out assigned tasks in a timely fashion.
  • Committee members are expected to request the committee chair to add items to the meeting agenda, if they have any, in advance of each meeting.
  • Committee members are responsible for reporting on tasks that they are assigned as per the meeting agenda.
  • Committee members are expected to act in a respectful and tolerant manner towards others before/during/and after committee meetings.
  • Committee members are expected to maintain confidentiality of any sensitive information as directed by the Chair.

Meeting frequency and calendar of scheduled meetings for the 2019-2020 academic year

  •  FSC Council: Meets monthly (irregular). Meetings are scheduled for 2:30-4:30pm and the dates are September 18, October 30, December 11, February 26, March 25, and May 13
  • Curriculum Committee: Meets monthly [TBD by Curriculum Committee Chair]
  • Assessment Committee: Meets monthly [TBD by Assessment Committee Chair]
  • FSDC: Scheduled as needed.

Please direct questions to GSGA@sphmail.cuny.edu

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