2018 Society of Behavioral Medicine – by Sandra Verdaguer, MPH graduate (Dec 2017)

Conference Attended: 2018 Society of Behavioral Medicine (SBM) Annual Meeting in New Orleans, LA (April 11-14, 2018)

Relevance to Public Health: SBM is a vibrant, multidisciplinary society focused on the role of behavior in improving health, and whose vision is “better health through behavior change”. SBM members include the nation’s leading scientists and practitioners, and SBM annual meetings are the premier forum for the most influential behavioral medicine research.

My Personal Learning Objectives

  1. Learn how to build successful partnerships with industry partners, community organizations, government agencia, the media and the general public to improve public health.
  2. Identify recent advances in behavioral interventions for health improvement.
  3. Make collaborations and exchange scientific ideas with other colleagues.

Conference Recap

Attending the 2018 Society of Behavioral Medicine Annual Meeting provided me a unique learning and career building opportunity.

By attending other presentations, I learned from others and improved my own skills and knowledge about my field in Nutrition and Behavioral Science. I not only had the opportunity to hear from well-respected research leaders and receive in-person feedback, but I also had the opportunity to meet them face to face, form new relationships and network in academic circles. Moreover, presenting my research work at the SBM Annual meeting served as an opportunity to get feedback from other colleagues on the research our research team is conducting.

This experience definitely forced me to grow and challenge myself. It was the first time I was presenting at a conference. Stepping out of my comfort zone has always helped me to adapt and develop new skills to accomplish my goals. Learning in a new space also helped me to get fresh perspectives and new ideas. Breaking out of the school environment, sitting in a new space like the conference rooms of the New Orleans Riverside Hilton Hotel sparked me to new approaches that will grow my research projects. Furthermore, I had the opportunity to get to know my peers. Although the conference was a short amount of time, there were also moments to relax and socialize where I had the occasion to hear new ideas and validate or exchange perspectives with them.

In conclusion, this conference was a convergence of networking, learning, and fun into a single package.

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